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The Meal Replacement That Offers VERSTILITY

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The Fully IN8 plant based protein is perfect for everyone looking to boost their health while losing weight. You will benefit from the high amount of quality protein this supplement offers and be able to not only feel the difference but see it!  Plant based protein is:

✔️ Packed with amino acids to build strong healthy muscles 

✔️ Higher in fibre allowing for comfortable digestion 

✔️ Packed with nutrients to boost your health profile 

✔️Easily absorbed in the body

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About Us


“I prefer to get up early and exercise and then I have to get ready quickly to go to work. Fully IN8 is quick and easy after my workout and before I’m leaving for work. I never used to eat breakfast as I didn’t like eating after a workout and this would leave me feeling lethargic midmorning and then I’d snack throughout the day. My energy levels are much better.”


“My days at work have always been hectic and I used to just grab whatever I could. I’ve got a pouch of Fully IN8 at work, and I can jump away from the desk and easily get a meal. My focus has been so much better as my energy levels are more consistent. I’m happy knowing that I’m giving myself the right nutrition as I don’t think the snacks I was having were good for my health.”


“I started using Fully IN8 as I was trying to lose weight. I’ve lost weight in the past with other products but as soon as it’s off I went back to eating again. I replaced my breakfast and lunch to begin with. Once I’d dropped my goal weight I now only have it for my breakfast and it's keeping me at my desired weight."


Why did we create Fully IN8 Plant-Based Meal Replacement?

From our own personal experience, and through helping others to change their lives, we saw that ‘lack of time’ is one huge factor that affects many people in today’s society and can lead to a steady decline of health over the years.

It would be great if we all had the time to source and prepare high quality wholefoods that gave us the quality nutrients we need to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle.

However, for most we are in a rush or on the go, and it is too easy to turn to convenience foods that are ready to eat and require no preparation at all.
This leads to a diet that may have almost zero nutritional benefit to your body and may eventually end up causing disease in the body.

We created the Plant-Based Meal Replacement to be used for one or two meals a day and made it versatile so that different recipes can easily be created that include different wholefoods to boost your nutrition.
It’s something that can easily be made and that you can trust will give you a quality meal, when time is short. You can trust that your health is at the centre of our interests as we don’t want you to stress that you are choosing the right meals throughout the day.

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Fully IN8 FAQ

First time using Fully IN8?
So you might just be browsing or you may have just received your first order in the post, read on to find out more about the Fully IN8 Meal Replacement and how to get started.

What’s in Fully IN8?
The less ingredients the better. All you’ll find in here is exactly what you need to form the basis of a quality meal.

Plant-Based Protein - Pea and Hemp Protein combined to give you a complete protein source. It contains the nine essential amino acids that our body cannot produce on its own.

Oat Flour - Giving you a great texture and flavour, without unnecessary sugars. Oat flour has been shown to be lower on the Glycemic Index than some other ingredients on the market, meaning a slower rise in blood sugar after eating a meal. This leads to less storage of excess energy, i.e. Body Fat.

Natural Sweeteners - Stevia and Xylitol have been chosen to provide great taste and they are natural. They also don’t have the same negative health effects as artificial sweeteners.

Vitamin and Mineral Blend - Also known as MicroNutrients, these are the building blocks for great health, so we haven’t left these out.

Fibre - Inulin provides dietary fibre. This helps with optimal digestive health.

Antioxidants - Green Tea Extract is the final ingredient. Most ‘superfoods’ are super because of their high antioxidant content. The green tea extract gives you a boost of antioxidants which, whilst they aren't essential, have been shown to prevent certain diseases.

How do I make Fully IN8?
Simply take two scoops (40g) and add it to your favourite plant-based milk. We recommend using 200ml, with an additional 200 ml of water, with a few cubes of ice. If you’re boosting the shake with additional ingredients add them now, and then blend using a high-speed blender.
While this is what we recommend, some people prefer more liquid, some people prefer less liquid. You’ll soon learn what works best for you!

When should I have Fully IN8?
This is entirely up to you.
Depending on your health goals will dictate when and how often you have Fully IN8 throughout your day. The most popular meals are breakfast and lunch. However if you’re trying to not eat too close to your bedtime then Fully IN8 makes a great evening meal that won’t leave your body digesting when you should be sleeping.